An all-new brand of wireless, multiroom, high-performance digital audio, designed and engineered by an alliance of audiophiles for all music lovers. Combining advanced digital technologies and industrial design with radical new thinking, Bluesound delivers a family of dedicated, multi-room wireless streaming digital music players, giving listeners the ability to playback their own digital music collection and play content from most popular online music services as well as internet radio, in native HD to any room in their home. No matter where the music is streamed from – a computer, a Vault, a NAS drive, a USB drive, via Bluetooth or straight from the cloud; Bluesound places the utmost importance on music integrity and has spared no expense in the development of custom hardware and software to ensure that the digital signal remains true to the artists recording. An aluminum precision extruded band for the wireless router and amp creates a structural chassis for all the internal architecture and for the nomadic speaker provides a convenient grip. The rich combination of alloy and wireless transparent polycarbonate complement the acoustic luxury the system delivers. Winner of Good Design Award.

Industrial Design